Safe Ex

ESI Tech Services has become an official re-seller of The SafeEx web system.




SafeExThis innovative system was originally developed for the Danish Oil and Gas Industry and has grown globally to include clients such as Maersk, BW Offshore, Seadrill, Petronas, DONG Energy and Aker Solutions. The SafeEx web system sets a new standard for hazardous area electrical inspection and maintenance, offering one software for all inspection and maintenance routines.

The main focus being to improve safety and increase efficiency with full transparency.

The software is developed for known handheld devices certified for Zone 1 and 2. The solution enables your personnel to electronically register all observations/non- conformities during the inspection with each item being logged against a RFID chips. This information and data will automatically be uploaded to The SafeEx web system.

Advantages of the SafeEx web-based system

Improve Safety

The SafeEx web system allows those onshore to log in and see all data and results related to offshore maintenance in the system. Information is easily shared between onshore and offshore colleagues ensuring appropriate people are alerted with regard to critical data or faults.

Increase Efficiency

The SafeEx web based system increases efficiency by replacing traditional and antiquated paper based recording and reporting. With automatic upload of data, customizable reporting and constant visibility, man-hours and a reliance on mobilizing personnel offshore is reduced.

Full Transparency

Given the visibility The SafeEx web based system allows, there is full transparency and traceability of inspections and installations and, the components themselves, therefore aiding preventative maintenance regimes. The SafeEx web based system can be integrated with almost any maintenance system, e.g. SAP, Amos, SIS, IFS etc. The optimal solution for integration only requires the standard interface already installed in your ERP System. Contact ESI Tech Services for a demonstration and to discuss the services that meet your operational requirements, including:

  • Installation of SafeEx system and RFID’s (coupled with inspection)
  • Training in SafeEx system and hardware
  • Third party management of system, inspections, maintenance and repairs
  • Supervision and consultancy
  • Maintenance system verification

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